Transportation and Logistics Law

Transportation and logistics often go hand in hand.  The transport of goods is a service often taken for granted and overlooked until it becomes an ongoing need for your business.  Shippers, carriers, and brokers have unique legal needs that require someone experienced in the types of issues they face.  The nature of interstate commerce also creates a need for legal professionals with practice experience in federal courts.  Beebe Law Group has a unique combination of all of the skills required to handle your unique transportation and logistics legal needs.  We have experience in the import and export of goods, international shipping and contractual litigation matters, domestic warehousing and storage, insurance claims, and handle general commercial documentation needs.

We practice nationally for interstate carriers and logistics professionals.  Here are just some of the issues we can assist you with:

Insurance Coverage Counsel (Protection Against Excess Verdicts When Sued)

Regulatory Compliance

Freight charges and related issues

Liability, damage, and delay claims

Shippers issues

Billing disputes – shippers’ and carriers’ recourse and remedies

Contractual disputes

Bills of lading – terms and conditions

Warehousing and bailments

Insurance claims

General counsel work



If you need assistance in a transportation or logistics related matter, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.


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