General Counsel Services



Our Approach:

  1. Provide client satisfaction in the delivery of legal services.
  2. Become knowledgeable of the clients’ business and strategies for growth.
  3. Manage costs by adding predictability to fees and lowering legal spend.
  4. Provide services that add, not take away from, operational efficiencies.
  5. Assessment of value to task from the clients’ perspective.
  6. Utilize technology to streamline operations and provide enterprise solutions, not simply task oriented ones.
  7. Improve processes and support project management.
  8. Provide unmatched client service.


What does Outside General Counsel (GC) do? Outside GC handles day-to-day legal matters, working as lead company counsel on an on-demand basis at a fraction of the cost of either hiring a full-time executive-level in-house counsel or relying exclusively on law firms that charge high hourly fees. With Beebe Law Group, clients typically develop a working relationship with one Outside GC lawyer but have access to the entire team for specific expertise.

Did you know that a small business is still considered small if it generates 10-30 million dollars of revenue with 100 or less employees? Little known fact: As of 2015, in the United States, small businesses employed roughly 49.2% of the private workforce. If you own or manage a small business or an emerging business (101-1500 employees) but prefer to build a budget for your legal spend instead of being billed an undefined amount each month, you are in the right place. We have replaced the old way of providing legal services by a more efficient and cost-effective system without sacrificing quality.

Leave the $500/hour legal fee for legal matters that justify spending that kind of money; not for telephone calls, contractual matters, and other operational/regulatory issues. For those companies that incur these types of expenses as a matter of course, we are not advising them to fire the law firms they have used in the past; only that they become smarter in how and when they use them. Our firm excels at providing legal representation for routine and complex legal matters in a cost-efficient manner. We are also proud of the feedback we have received from clients who appreciate how quickly we are able to respond to requests.

Many small and medium sized (emerging) businesses delay or forgo using attorneys for routine operational legal matters because of the costs and time usually associated with hiring a law firm. They feel comfortable doing so because they have not been sued (yet) and do not realize the efficiencies that they are failing to capitalize on. Beebe Law Group is a matrixed business law focused law firm that provides a flat fee monthly retainer for its GC clients. Flat fee structures are stable, predictable, and, at the end of each fiscal year, we perform a comprehensive audit of your legal needs.  We strive to help your business grow while protecting your bottom line. Fees are transparent and based on your annual revenue and anticipated level of risk exposure. We use a comprehensive set of questions to customize a quote specific to business’ needs.

Once we are hired, feel free to reach out to us whenever the need arises. Need to know whether you should add something to your personnel policy or how to handle a personnel issue? Give us a call or send a quick email. Have some collection accounts that need attention? Let us know. Need a contract drafted? We have you covered. Time to file a trademark application. We have an account with the United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We register trademarks for clients all the time. Moving to a new location and need assistance buying the real estate? It is one of our specialties. We are here to help.

Litigation Risk Management

One of the benefits of having Outside General Counsel is ongoing risk management. We manage litigation, give you access to our network of skilled trial attorneys, and/or interview insurance provided counsel in the unfortunate event of a lawsuit (although we are pretty good at preventing these). If you need someone to handle a legal matter in court, we either interview other firms or handle the matter internally utilizing one of our experienced trial attorneys. As a preexisting general counsel client, you receive hourly rates for litigation at a fraction of what an outside firm would charge. There are many benefits to forming an ongoing attorney-client relationship.

Beebe Law Group has served as counsel for corporate clients involved in litigation despite the clients’ ability to secure insurance counsel via its commercial insurance policy. It is not uncommon for there to come a time in a case when insurance counsel’s interests and the interests of your company do not align. When such a conflict of interest arises, you will want your General Counsel to alert you to it and to protect your uninsured liability exposure. Lawsuits can lead to damage awards that exceed your policy limits. We will monitor the case and maintain an open line of communication with assigned insurance counsel to assist with the defense, relay information based on company policies, and to look for opportunities to settle within limits when justified by the circumstances of the case (paying the claim) to prevent exposing your company to potentially business ending excess damage awards.

Use the contact form to request additional information or to schedule a time to speak to us. Many times, a quote can be delivered by telephone or email. We hope to earn your business and your trust.