Business Litigation

It is not uncommon, although avoidable with proper legal counsel, for a business to become involved in a dispute that ultimately leads to litigation at some point in the business life cycle. When that happens, it is imperative that the business retain experienced and aggressive advocates to help it to receive the best possible outcome. Beebe Law Group has committed attorneys who know how to win and guide clients through the process with minimal disruptions to operations. Experienced in state and federal courts throughout Michigan, Indiana, and on the East Coast, you can expect the best representation and a commitment to client satisfaction. Our clientele has included businesses throughout the United States and those conducting business in the U.S. from abroad in Italy, the United Arab Emirates, London, and Ukraine.

Litigation can be stressful. That is why you can expect us to exceed your expectations in the courtroom and to keep you fully informed with updates and progress in your case. You will never have to wonder how the case is proceeding or whether we are actively engaged in the process of winning for you.

Our litigation team consists of experienced and talented trial and appellate attorneys. We try cases and deliver successful outcomes. While there are times when trial is the last resort, we have also built an impressive track record using alternative dispute resolution techniques and often find opportunities for business-driven solutions.

On a separate note, when retained as general counsel, we regularly counsel clients on how to notice the primary litigation triggers before an issue fully develops, thereby preventing many commercial disputes. We utilize our courtroom experience to protect our clients’ interests in a manner that is consistent with their ongoing business objectives.

We will give you a candid assessment of your case and transparent pricing. And, as we have been doing for more than 15 years, client communication is not billable. We want to hear from you as your case progresses. Do not let the fear of high legal fees keep you from adequately informing your counsel. Contact us today to discuss your legal matter.