Commercial Real Estate

BLG can prepare all of the documents you need to close your real estate deal and assist you in negotiating the terms.  Beebe Law Group also houses a commercial real estate brokerage that assists customers with the purchase and sale of commercial properties while assuring that the proper documentation is in place.

Some typical documents that we draft for our clients:

Commercial contracts and leases

Property holding company formation documents

Construction contracts

Purchase agreements

Land contracts


Promissory notes

Bills of sale


Letters of intent


Buying a new commercial property can be both exciting and stressful.  We take the time to understand what your legal needs are and then advise you appropriately.  Most commercial real estate purchases include the purchase of business assets including goodwill, intellectual property, leases, and customer lists, to name a few.  You need an attorney with the experience necessary to assure that your business, and/or land purchase is handled in a way that maximizes profitability for your new or existing venture, and protects your legal interests.

Contact us for more information on how we may assist you with your commercial real estate legal needs and visit for information on our in-house brokerage services.


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