Michigan Cannabis Business Attorney

Canna LeafBeebe Law Group provides legal counsel to canna-businesses as part of its marijuana business law practice group. We represent growers, secure transporters, processors, provisioning centers, and safety compliance facilities. We have a long line of highly regulated business clients under our belts, but cannabis businesses are one of our favorites. Not only are these businesses chartering unfamiliar territory, they are willing to immerse themselves among a plethora of ever- evolving regulations to do what they love with a product they wholeheartedly appreciate. Why choose Beebe Law Group when there are so many other firms vying for your business? Passion. Yes, passion. We are just as excited about your project as you are, and it shows.

People do their best when they believe in what they are doing and enjoy doing it. That is why we only provide legal services in industries that we believe in and with business owners that are dedicated to a successful business venture. How do we know that you, an existing or prospective canna-business owner, are dedicated? You have decided to take a chance on an industry that is still “in the works” and technically illegal according to the Federal government. You are a risk taker. We enjoy helping our clients take “calculated” risks that increase profitability and avoid legal liability.

The regulations you will or are already subject to are highly matrixed with moving parts. They change with new and amended state statutes and local ordinances. We are constantly navigating, interpreting, and applying the law as it applies to canna-businesses. We are accustomed to clients who must constantly be in-tune with changes in the laws that affect them.  We will make it our business to protect yours.

Finally, an often-overlooked function of your canna-counsel is fighting for you when you need to appeal an action taken by the State, agency, or department. We represent clients in contested cases. It is not uncommon for some canna-businesses to attempt to go through the process alone before seeking counsel. This can be much more time consuming and an expensive mistake to make since the fees paid to the State and local governments are generally non-refundable. If you have been denied a license or permit, and/or have had your paperwork returned, make an appointment to discuss your options.


We formed some relationships so our clients would not have to. We collaborate with colleagues in the following professions when needed, providing a well-rounded service to our clients:

Certified Public Accountants (In House)

Architects and Construction Professionals (By contract)

Criminal Defense Attorneys (By contract)

Real Estate Professionals (Sister Company – Bellus Commercial Realty)

Inspection Professionals (By contract)

Former Government Officials (By contract)

Former Law Enforcement Professionals (By contract)

Other (We are always adding to our list)

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