General Counsel Services




Did you know that a small business is generally classified as one with anywhere from 10-30 million dollars of revenue depending on your classification? If you are a small business or an emerging business with 30+ million in revenue but prefer to budget your legal spend instead of allowing a firm to bill you an undefined amount each month, you are in the right place. The old way of providing legal services is being replaced by a more efficient and cost effective way without sacrificing quality.

Many small and medium sized (emerging) businesses put off using attorneys for routine operational legal matters because of the costs and time usually associated with hiring a law firm. They feel comfortable doing so because they have not been sued…Yet. We are a matrixed business law focused law firm that provides a flat fee monthly retainer. Flat fee structures are stable and predictable and, at the end of each fiscal year, we are able to perform a comprehensive audit of your legal needs.  We don’t do business by putting you out of business with excessive legal fees. We help your business grow while protecting your bottom line. Fees are up front, transparent, and based on your annual revenue and level of risk exposure.

Once we are hired, you can reach out to us whenever the need arises. Need to know whether you should add something to your personnel policy or how to handle a personnel issue? Give us a call or send a quick email. Have some collection accounts that need attention? Let us know. Need a contract drafted? We have you covered. Time to file a trademark application. We are here to help. We also help manage litigation, give you access to our network of skilled trial attorneys, and/or interview insurance provided counsel in the unfortunate event of a lawsuit (although we are pretty good at preventing these). Want someone from our firm to handle a legal matter in court? As a preexisting member, you receive hourly rates for litigation at a fraction of what an outside firm would charge. There are many benefits to forming an ongoing relationship with your legal counsel.

Our little disclaimer: In order to assure that we devote enough time and attention to every client we represent, we limit the number of clients/companies that we represent at any given time. Please contact us or follow the link below to see if we can work together.

Use the contact form to request additional information, to schedule a time to speak to our Principal or one of our attorneys, or to get a quote right away. We hope to earn your business and your trust. Let us be the bridge that leads you over, not through, troubled waters.